Ian Taylor

I was so relieved to have my e-pax .When half way up Kili with acute diarrhoea I deffenately would have had to give up and head down. Instead I followed the medical instruction sheet,waited 48 hours , rehydrated and carried on and reached the summitt. Result! Thankyou E-pax.


Sally James

It was the steristrips I used for the cut on my face that were so brilliant. When eventually the doctor stitched the wound he said the steristrip had prevented scarring.

                                                                                       Peru, June 2012

Fionnula James

I would recommend e-pax to anyone travelling to somewhere remote.Most of the contents were a god send .Thank you e-pax.

                                                                                   India January 2012

Alex Hacking

Wow!   My E-Pax saved my holiday as I got diarrhorea on my first day.   Went on to ride a Manta Ray with my E-Pax.   Please see gallery.    It's an amazing photo taken July 2011.

                                                                                     Tobago   July 2011


Found my epax so useful for infected bites. The antihistamines were a god send too.

August 2011 - France


Used E-pax climbing. Got loads of cuts and used the antiseptic wipes and steri-strips! Worked really well.

August 2011 - France


Just returned from diving in Tobago with Manta Rays and got a horrific ear infection, thank heavens for the Genticin ear drops - Thanks E-pax!

July 2011 - Tobago

Phil Pettifer

E-pax saved my holiday.

03 August 2011 - Kent

What a brilliant idea:::::just hope I dont need any of it
20 January 2011 - Cambodia

bit embarrasing but i got cystitis climbing up kinabalu : If I hadnt had the right medication in e-pax I don't think I would have been able to finish:Will always take it with me :
6 January 2011 - uk

sara thompson
i have just been on a diving holiday in the red sea and got a really horrible ear infection: I was so grateful to have the ear drops:Thank you e-pax
4 January 2011 - uk

Kevin Peplow
Thanks for the speedy delivery of e-Pax :Its going to fiji then Vanuatu with us next week October-November 2010
20 October 2010 - England

I'm off skiing in a few weeks - i got ill last time i went, so i reckon taking e-pax with me will save a fortune in doctors fees this year!
1 October 2010 - france

Sandy Hill
I was so grateful having e-pax with me : I have been diving in the red sea and got really bad ear ache: The ear drops were fab:Thank you
24 September 2010

When on a tour of Kenya I had real problems with mosquito bites: The antiseptic cream in my Epax was a great comfort and saved my skin:

I would recommend this product to any person that is planning to travel to tropical area’s:
24 September 2010

Phoebe Hollond
E pax helped me so much when i slipped and cut my wrist open on glass: there is no scar and it healed perfectly due to e pax
24 September 2010 - menorca

Katherine Morton
I'm really impressed with the quality and size of the pack - how did you fit it all in such a compact bag?! Quick to arrive, Recommended:
17 August 2010 - UK

Emily Gunnell
This pack was so so useful: I needed nearly everything especially the cream for the hundreds of bites:
22 April 2010 - borneo

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