Which of the contents of the pack aren't available over the counter?

Trimovate antibiotic cream, Ciprofloxacin - antibiotic, GenticinĀ  ear and eye antibiotic drops, Levonelle, the morning after pill is available over the counter but is much more expensive.

Do you think the pack is promoting unsafe sex as it includes the morning-after pill?

No.If they are sexually active and on the pill pregnancy can occur as they don't realise that if they are suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting the pill may not offer 100% protection. There is the option of pack B, without the morning after pill.

How long do the medicines last for? Is there an expiry date?

Yes, certain replacement prescription medications are available to order individually from our website. If replacements are required within 12 months of ordering the initial e-pax pack, there is no need to complete the questionnaire again.

What if a traveller wrongly diagnoses their symptoms?

The symptoms/medical information sheet is very clear as to what should be taken for current symptoms. If, however it is suspected that the incorrect medication has been taken, medical advice should be sought. . With this scenario, whilst the condition will not improve there is nothing in the pack that can harm.

What if someone tries to administer drugs themselves with the butterfly infusion set?

There are no drugs within e-pax that can be administered via a butterfly infusion set. The butterfly infusion set, sterile needles and syringe are in the pack to be handed over to medical staff in developing countries where sometimes sterile equipment can not be guaranteed.

Are the packs only available to people over 18 years?


What happens if someone completes the questionnaire, and their answers don't comply with the medical guidelines?

They can not proceed to purchase. However if they have made a legitimate error they can e-mail us and provided they can verify their error they may be may be able to purchase.

Is there a medical helpline?

No. We would recommend that the traveller contacts their travel insurance provider's helpline.

Is this definitely the first commercially-available medical pack to contain prescribed medication?

As far as we are aware, in this format, yes, but we understand extreme challenge exhibitions and cross Atlantic sailors are provided with very complete and comprehensive medical supplies.

What does this pack do over and above normal first aid kits?

To date one can only purchase over the counter remedies in a standard first aid kit, some work very effectively and are therefore included in the pack. However, prescription medicines are more powerful than over the counter items and when infection is present rapid treatment is often required. This will help the traveller relieve their symptoms more quickly, reducing the potential of ruining their trip or symptoms becoming worse.

How are you able to provide prescription drugs without having examined, met the person or seen their medical records?

The questionnaire has been designed to ensure that the prescribed medication is safe for the user if they have answered the questionnaire honestly and accurately. There are situations when an examination can not be carried out and a prescription is issued after a telephone consultation with a doctor.
Also, if someone is out of area medical records are not available.
If someone is going on a specific journey, for instance climbing a high mountain where altitude sickness is a possibility, the person is not suffering at that particular time but they may in the future. Doctors can prescribe appropriate medication remotely.
However we do stress that should symptoms persist medical attention should be sought.
The pack is designed for the traveller where immediate medical help is not available.

Is there any risk in supplying prescription drugs without having examined, met the person or seen their medical records?

No, not if they have answered the questionnaire honestly and accurately.

Can people cheat and do the questionnaire several times.

No we have a security measure in place.

Why cant people go to their own GP for these drugs.

Some GPs may be willing to do this on a private script but NHS prescriptions can not be used for foreign travel.. Most GPs are too busy to offer this service. E-pax as a package will be less expensive.
An interesting point.
Many of these drugs will be available over the counter in some of the countries visited but they may not contain active ingredients, as counterfeit medicine is very common abroad.