Travel safe with medical guidance

Don't let common illness ruin the experience of a lifetime

Whether backpacking to exotic places, gap year travelling to developing countries or going on a sailing holiday, you don’t always have immediate access to medication when you need it the most.

E-pax medical travel kit has been designed especially with the traveller in mind and is supplied within UK GMC (General Medical Council) guidelines.

E-pax 'sail' anti-sickness medication now available

Simply click on ‘order today’, and order your e-pax medical travel pack. You can then add your optional anti sickness extras.

Should you require a more bespoke medical travel kit, please email Dr Lewis on

What e-pax includes

The medical travel kit includes essential medical treatments – many not available over the counter – for fast relief of your symptoms. Without fast treatment, you could run the risk of your symptoms severely worsening and ruining the rest of your trip.
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